Guilt Free Drinks

Tropical cocktails are a rite of summer—delicious and refreshing. The problem is, the calories can push your diet over the edge. Sure, an ice-cold margarita (or two) can be a refreshing treat, but most cocktails are huge sugar bombs, thanks ingredients like simple syrup, juice, and sweet liqueurs. Not all cocktails are nutritional landmines, however, and healthy alcoholic drinks do exist. We have added a few drinks that won’t totally ruin your diet—just in time a summer party weekend.

low calorie boozy drinks-fastslim

And while we know the word “healthy” is relative when it comes to booze, there are several ways to make occasional imbibing decidedly guilt-free. But remember: Everything in moderation. A few glasses of brut Champagne is OK, but stay away of the whole bottle.

Guilt Free Drinks1