Mustache Wall Art

Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

Mustache Wall art adds masculinity to Your Interior. Mustaches have seen a huge revival that influences not only male fashion, but also the world of interior design. It appears on hipsters’ faces and on their accessories from prints, cushions and even mugs. The male facial hair motif is visually catchy — it is simple and bold at the same time.

Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

The mustache, inspired by the everlasting fad of wall decals, created a collection of artistic wall coverings, both decals and wall murals, where the mustache plays the main role. It appears in a bunch of diverse designs, from simple minimalist-tiled graphics, to retro-styled single crumb dusters. There are even neon mustache cats available.

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Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Mustache Wall Art-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

New Design for Ferrari 250 GTO

New Design of Ferrari 250 GTO-vitalmag trend magazine

True Ferrari fans will appreciate the motivation behind the latest model. The Ferrari 612 GTO III, is the most expensive car on the planet. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Ukrainian artist Sergiy Dvornytskyy, has remodeled the basic concept that was created by designer Sasha Selipanov.

New Design of Ferrari 250 GTO-vitalmag trend magazine3

You can spot some retro cues thanks to the engine in the front. It does not have 2+2 seating and the same polarizing design. The model also features twin fuel filler caps, modern lines, distinctive taillights, iconic touring car styling and central exhaust tip. Indeed this is a true transformation!

New Design of Ferrari 250 GTO-vitalmag trend magazine1

New Design of Ferrari 250 GTO-vitalmag trend magazine4

New Design of Ferrari 250 GTO-vitalmag trend magazine2

Benefits of Fiber Diet For Your Dog

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim

We know the benefits of fiber in our own diet, but is their any benefits of fiber in a dog‘s diet?  Fiber was consider filler and bulk in year’s past, but today, the nutritional value of fiber in the dog’s diet is finally realized.

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim1

What exactly is fiber?  It is a part of carbohydrates.  Fiber is not highly digestible by the body.  Your dog’s diet can benefit from fiber in appropriate amounts.  Just like humans, too much fiber in a diet can have negative effects on the digestive system.  It is always important to monitor your dog‘s diet to maintain a healthy level of fiber to suit your pet’s needs.  Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of fiber in your dog’s diet.

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim2

Obedience is prevalent in both humans and pets.  Too often, pet’s become overweight.  Fiber in your dog’s diet is a terrific way to help your pet lose excess weight.  Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to the longevity and quality of your dog’s life.  We know that fiber cannot accomplish weight loss on its own, but it can truly make a difference.  Fiber helps to keep your dog feeling full and content without large amounts of calories.

The pets who achieve the desired weight goal may need a little extra fiber in the dog’s diet to maintain the desired weight.  Combining fiber with strict portion control, you will be able to create a dog diet that is healthy and satisfying for your pet.

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim3

Again, similar to humans, constipation does occur in pets.  Your dog’s diet should contain fiber to  help prevent this medical condition from occurring.  As your dog ages, his or her diet should contain elevated levels of fiber.  Senior dogs tend to deal with issues of constipation more frequently than their younger counterparts.  For this reason, you will note higher fiber content in senior dog diets.

How does fiber help keep things moving?  Fiber absorbs water.  With the absorption of water in the fiber, the contents in the intestine have more bulk.  This is what causes the movement along the intestinal tract.  The passage time through the bowel becomes more normalized and regular.

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim4

Healthy amounts of fiber in your dog’s diet will contribute to fecal consistency.  You will know when your pet is getting the proper amount of fiber when your dog relieves himself regularly.  Too much fiber in your dog’s diet will result in loose and messy stools.

Some studies indicate that a slight increase in fiber can assist in the management of diabetes mellitus.  The fiber helps to control blood sugar levels by slowing the absorption of sugar from the intestine.

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim5

Take note that excessive amounts of fiber can have negative affects on your dog’s health.  For this reason, it is important to buy high-quality dog food from reputable companies to ensure a healthy diet for your dog.  Watch for these sources of fiber in your dog’s diet.  Beet pulp, soybean hulls, rice bran, apple and tomato pomace, and peanut hulls.  Grain such as oats and rice are also examples of indigestible fiber.

Fiber does have benefits in your dog’s diet when used in moderation.  Talk to your vet about the best amount of fiber for your pet.

Dog Weight Loss Ads-Fastslim6

Your Summer Holiday Essentials

Woman on vacation. Summer holiday and car travel concept

Hurray finally getting towards holiday time in a few weeks you will chill out which after the last couple of months of stress is desperately needed. Before you hurry excitedly to the beach off to the beach in all your carefree summer glory, make sure you pack beach chic essentials. Here’s your guide to a fashionable fun in the sun.

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

Here a few tips how to pack your suitcase

Take some thin or zip-off pants and a sarong, just increase you go anywhere that you can’t show your legs or arms (some cathedrals, and such).Playsuits are great for sightseeing in, or at least some kind of short that’s cool but won’t chafe and rub if you get sweaty during sightseeing. Other than that, take a hat for the sunshine, maybe some cooler long sleeves if you burn easily (really thin cotton or linen is great) and really sturdy footwear (good running shoes or something like that.

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Don’t forget good breathable socks, underwear, and bras, and something cool to sleep in. Make sure all your essential travel documents are in your hand luggage, and put them right at the top. You need your passport, tickets debit card, and extra money. Weigh it before! Most airlines allow one piece of luggage to be checked in, up to a maximum of 20kg for international travel.

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Clothing for the Beach

Beach cover-ups range from sarongs and kaftans to a simple pair of shorts. The choice depends on your style and choice of swim wear and will complete the beach goodness look to a T. As footwear it’s the best to stick to waterproof flip-flops or sandals- once that you can easily  hose off when you ‘re done, to prevent a very sandy car and house. If you intend to wear jewellery, make sure it’s’ waterproof- unless you plan on simply staring longingly at the sea. Lastly, you will need a nice beach bag to pack everything in. My favourites are made with canvas on cane, with plenty of compartments to hold more voluble items such as phone money and keys-and stop them getting wet.

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine8

Your Summer Holiday Essentials-Vitalmag Trend Magazine9

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Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine

Hair braids come in all shapes, sizes and styles such as fabric braids, pigtail braids. For summer 2017 we expect the slick tight version braid, which was spotted on the latest runways.  From dyeing it the colours of the rainbow, to working an ombre/sombre to trying out some plaits and up-dos – these are the trends that we will see this summer.

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine1

One of the softer and more feminine summer 2017 hairstyle trends is the low slung braided bun. This is an excellent hairstyling choice for special events, and we suspect it might even end up as a go-to wedding hair choice. It is easy to achieve, and has a timeless, romantic feel.

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine7

Whether you like a fashionable fishtail braid  or just want some inspiration for an carefree bedhead braid, check out our summer hairstyles.

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine6

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine5

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine4

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine3

Braid Hair Trend For Summer 2017-vitalmag trend magazine2


Refreshing Chilled Soups for Summer

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag

Summer is coming and so is the hot weather. Nobody likes to cook in the heat of summer. A really hot meal on a hot day is almost as unpopular. It could be that a cool, easy to prepare summer soup is just what you need.

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag2

Below are 3 recipes for soups that can be made in your food processor or blender. If you have the ingredients on hand, none of them take more than 10 minutes to make. They are all delicious, nutritious, and really refreshing on a hot day. While the recipes all suggest you use a food processor, you can get very good results by using a blender or hand blender too.

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag3

These are all very simple recipes, so don’t be shy to modify them and get a taste that your whole family can enjoy.

Here are the recipes.

Summer Vegetarian soup
This is great tasting soup with a touch of Italy included. It is super easy to make and very healthy. It is particularly good on a hot summer day

an avocado – skin and pit removed of course
4 Roma tomatoes – they may not be quite juicy enough (see below)
Basil to taste (Thai basil is really good in this)
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

How easy is this soup? Simply throw everything into your food processor and mix until it is smooth. If you find that it is more like a smoothie than soup, simply add more liquid (or swap one of the Roma tomatoes for another more juicy variety). Pour into bowls, garnish as you wish (minced chives are nice) and enjoy.

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag4

Sensational Salsa & Black Bean

This soup is a very simple soup that takes just a few minutes to prepare. It can be served hot or cold, but always benefits from being heated.
Roughly 4 servings

2 normal sized cans of black beans (any brand is OK, but try for low salt)
1 1/2 cups soup stock (Just use chicken, beef, or vegetable bullion)
1 cup of your favorite salsa (chunky makes a heartier soup)
1 teaspoon cumin (best to use fresh ground in the soup and you can sprinkle seeds on top too)
1/4 cup of sour cream
1-2 green onions chopped fine

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag7

Put the beans, salsa, cumin, and soup stock into a food processor (a blender is OK too). Puree the mixture until it is creamy in texture. Pour the mixture into a mid-sized pot and heat on low-medium until it is completely hot. This allows the flavours to merge. If you are going to serve it cold, move it to the fridge to cool off till it is time to eat. To eat it hot, simply serve into bowls and garnish with the onions and some of the sour cream.

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag1


Mangos are simply divine. They are great as a fruit, mixed into drinks, added to salads. They also make a really good cool summer soup which is explained below.


1 large RIPE mango (it will be soft, no squishy, to touch)
2 cups chicken soup stock (make your own or use bullion if you must)
1 TBSP lemon grass (available in most Asian markets, it looks like long greenish reeds when you buy it)
1 TBSP ginger – Freshly chopped is best
Ground chili peppers to taste
1 cup yogurt (2% plain is best)
2 TBSP cilantro (chinese parsley) chopped fine

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag8

Chop mango and put in food processor. Mix briefly and then put in the ginger, lemon grass, chili and 1/2 cup of soup stock. Mix again till everything becomes very smooth. Move the soup into another bowl (be sure it is large enough) and mix in first the rest of the stock, and then the yogurt. This is best served cold, so put in fridge till you are ready to eat. Then put into bowls and serve with the cilantro as the garnish.

As the temperature starts to go up give these soups a try. They are all very simple and will add a new delicious and healthy dimension to your summer diet.

Chilled Summer Soups-vitalmag9

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour!

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour-vitalmag trend magazine

Nothing can be more satisfying than after a long day at work, to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine, and thanks to Pet Winery, there’s no reason why the cat can’t join in with a glass of its own. Pet Winery is a Florida-based company that offers wine specifically for pets, so cats can curl up next to their owners with a ‘Purrgundy’ or a ‘Meowsling’ and dogs have the more ritzy option of uncorking a ‘Dog Pawrignon.’

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour-vitalmag trend magazine1 was founded to create healthy nonalcoholic beverages for your furry friends. Our beverages are purrr-fectly formulated with your pet in mind.  Now you never have to worry about drinking alone again. Fetch a bottle for your pet today! Cheers to the Felines and Canines!

All products are 100% organic and sourced from the USA! We manufacture in an ISO7 food grade clean room.

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour-vitalmag trend magazine4

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour-vitalmag trend magazine3

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour-vitalmag trend magazine5

Petwinery- Enjoy The Cat Happy Hour-vitalmag trend magazine2

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

If you are trying to find a way to spend your holiday camping in the great outdoors, you will want to use a camping car to help.

There will be a combination of vehicles and a temporary home to live in. Camping cars are going to be a type of transportation and home at the same time. People will choose to live in these homes permanently.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

If this happens, they can park the vehicle in the special parking lot and enjoy time with their family and friends.

Car camping is something that many people love to do in this day and age. They will pack their things and everything that they will need to head on out.

They will have to make all the necessary arrangements for their camping cars. It is possible to cook if they want to with the great mini type kitchen inside.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Sleeping is not a problem when in the camping car. There is usually normal sized bed and you can put on the AC I you are in a hot area.

A washroom with a shower can be a great feature to make the travel even better. There can be a refrigerator too. Having all this and so much space is a great benefit to many travelers.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

You can store equipment like tents, sleeping bags, ropes and anything else that you may need inside the camping car. All of the things can be placed in the camping cars too.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Camping cars are going to be great and very useful in any type of weather conditions. If you are hot you can site inside the camping car and turn on the air conditioning.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

If it is cold and rainy you can run inside and get comfortable. There are so many different styles of camping cars and recreational vehicles. The caravans are going to be more comfortable and enjoyable for anyone looking for wonderful camping style.

You should get ready and think about taking a super great camping trip with the camping car that is perfect for your needs.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Frozen Mexican Treats and Popsicles

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine6

It can get very hot in Mexico. Mexicans have a variety of cool treats to enjoy. From ice cream sandwiches to popsicles, they have many to choose from. The treats consist of chocolate, cinnamon, and different fruits. Some men even sell the treats up and down the streets similar to in America where you will see ice cream trucks in the summer selling cold snacks.

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine8

Popsicles are popular in Mexico. Paletas which mean “little shovels” in Spanish can be found in Mexican grocery stores. They come in regular shapes, but their flavors are what differs them from American popsicles. Some paletas include milk and tropical fruits, while others are full of more ice and more tart flavors. Some flavors that are not very common in America are chili, and cucumber. The chili one is a bit spicy, so pepper lovers would enjoy this flavor. Paletas are easy to make at home and carry little fat. If you would prefer to buy them, paletas are sold at many street vendors in Hispanic neighborhoods. A California-based company named Palapa Azul makes paletas to sell to a much wider market, not just for Hispanics.

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine7

Mexican fried ice cream is another mouth watering treat. It is somewhat Americanized. You can find fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants in the United States and also at festivals. The ice cream used is more frozen than majority of ice creams. The ball of ice cream is rolled with different items such as cookie crumbs and then cooked in the deep fryer at a very low temperature. This allows the ice cream not to melt. Once it is fried, toppings can be added. Cinnamon is a common topping. Fried ice cream has become so common that it is also served in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. They add different flavors to the ice cream. You might find it green tea flavored.

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine5

If in the mood for just regular vanilla ice cream, cajeta would be a great topping. Cajeta is a Mexican confection of syrup most commonly made from caramelized milk that is sweetened. The syrup is made by the sweetened liquid being cooked slowly and breaking down until it is very thick. Some people use different liquids instead of sweetened milk.

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine

You might find cajeta made with juice or a different sweetened liquid. Different parts of Mexico may know the milk candy by different names such as leche quemada and dulce de leche. It is topped on ice cream. Even the Hershey Company produces cajeta which is targeted for Mexican food lovers. Cajeta is a great addition to ice cream, especially on a hot day in Mexico.

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine4

These cool treats are easy to make from your own home. Do some research on the different flavors and try to make a few. If you have a child, have some fun and both make them together and of course eat the finished treat. These are perfect on a warm day, but can still be enjoyable anytime of the year.

Mexican Frozen Treats-Desserts-popsicles-Vitalmag Trend magazine1

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Super short haircuts are definitely a style trend for 2017, and that includes everything from shaved sides to a-line bobs. Artsy shaves! Forget the boring, dull, and totally lifeless shaved haircuts. If you’re looking for something with a little bit more dimensional and life, consider an artsy shaved hairstyle. This wonderful woman decides to add stripes to her mane while keeping plenty of length up top so there’s wiggle room for styling!

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

Artsy Shaved Hairstyles-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

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