Scary Halloween-vitalmag6

You’ve Been Booed!  Well, no, not really, while I wish that I could sneak out to each of your doorsteps and leave a sweet treat, it’s probably not terribly practical.  But do you Boo?   Booing is a friendly tradition where you secretly leave some goodies, along with a Boo sign and instructions on a friend or neighbor’s doorsteps tonight.

Scary Halloween-vitalmag

The whispers you hear in your ear that you fear
in the air everywhere,
they are ghosts.

Scary Halloween-vitalmag1

The moans and the groans in the lowest of tones
no one owns or condones,
they are ghosts.

You might deem them gremlins or water or wind,
while others say shadows or rodents or sin.
Scary Halloween-vitalmag2
But oh! I say no!
‘Tis not so, child, for lo!
The chills that you feel in a thrill that proves goose
bumps are frightfully real,
they are ghosts!” Boooooo!!!!

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