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According to bathroom designers, the home spa is a few notches above the regular bathroom. The accessories used in a home spa, such as a shower, a bath tub etc are all more “evolved”. For example, the bath tub in a home spa is extra long, extra deep, and comes with multiple jets or bubble. The shower has more than one shower head and additional fixtures that offer hydro-massage and cascading sensations. In all, the home spa is a great private escape that is not just luxurious but also unique and with your own individual aesthetics and artistic touches.

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Imagine sinking into a warm and inviting bath in your personal massage bathtub after a particularly long, hard day’s of work. Bliss! And with the jets massaging your neck, shoulders, and feet – don’t you feel like you are in heaven? Create a highly relaxing ambience by playing soft, soothing music in the background, a glass of wine in hand, and maybe a book before you settle in for a long massage bath. Life can’t get better than this my friends!

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