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When we think of going on vacation most of us see ourselves lying on a beach somewhere or gazing into a sunset. Most of us do not think about going on a cooking vacation. But if you are looking for something different to do this year when you travel this may be just the thing for you to try. There are several places in Italy where you can learn how to cook on a cooking Italy vacation. Who knows you may even be the next Jamie Oliver when you return home!

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A place you should know about if you want to try a cooking Italian vacation is a small family owned bed and breakfast called Casa Gregorio. Casa Gregorio is an historic home of nobility located in the town of Castro dei Volsci in the heart of Tuscany. Gregory Tesolin Aulensi and his team will teach you authentic Tuscan cooking in an authentic Tuscan environment. You will also be wined and dined while you learn about the culture. They also allow time for you to tour the area and perhaps re-visit some sights that were particularly interesting to you.

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