The Nautilus Eco-Resort Safes Philippines Sea Life

Eco-Resort Safes Philippines Sea Life-Vitalmag Trend magazine

The Nautilus Eco-Resort designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures projects a pioneering, eco-tourism complex. The design embraces the scientific knowledge for eco-friendly traveling and optimizes revitalization and protection of the degraded ecosystem in the Philippines. Based on biomimicry, the architectures of this Eco-Resort are inspired by the shapes, structures, intelligence of materials and feedback loops that exist in living beings and endemic ecosystems.

Eco-Resort Safes Philippines Sea Life-Vitalmag Trend magazine3

Through crowdfunding, the project will generate funds for the site’s conservation with the association of preservation of fauna and flora. It will directly support local economic development in the form of jobs and income. Finally, it should also encourage respect for the  different cultures.

Eco-Resort Safes Philippines Sea Life-Vitalmag Trend magazine1

Eco-Resort Safes Philippines Sea Life-Vitalmag Trend magazine2

The Best British Romantic Getaways in Autumn

The Best British Romantic Getaways in Autumn-vitalmag trend magazine3

The gorgeous colors characterizes the autumn season every year. This year it seems even faster than other years, perhaps because of the fairly wet summer. The first signs of autumn are already visible. The perfect weekend are around the corner for capturing seasonal moods and spend some quality time outdoors. If you are planning a family trip or romantic getaway check out these places…

The Best British Romantic Getaways in Autumn-vitalmag trend magazine0

The Best British Romantic Getaways in Autumn-vitalmag trend magazine

The Best British Romantic Getaways in Autumn-vitalmag trend magazine1

The Best British Romantic Getaways in Autumn-vitalmag trend magazine2

Romantice Summer Getaway

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag

The perfect place for a romantic getaway is this whimsical treehouse. Located in the rural Atlanta, the house offers its visitors an experience to remember. The carefree bohemian style attracts travelers that are a searching adventurous walking tour in the woods. The house has one bedroom and two living areas, is very secluded to the public, and it offers all the comfort for pleasant stay.

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag2

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag1

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag5

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag4

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag3

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag8

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag7

Treehouse Summer Holiday-vitalmag6

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

Mybe it’s time to have a closer look on the Boutique Hostels around the world. We collect 5 Star Hostels all around the world. Here you can find all 5 Star Hostels worldwide. Some of the 5-star-rated hostels are as well kept in a boutique-style. Boutique Hostels are one of the 7 types of hostels. It is certainly a quality factor for the traveler in style, yet on a budget. They are stunning, and some hostels are seriously mind-blowing.

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

What is the difference between Design and Boutique Hostel?

A boutique hostel is a term usually describing a more intimate, smaller property in a unique theme. While a design-hostel describes a well and proper designed hostel in architecture and interior, a boutique-style also focuses on its atmosphere.

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Please note: NOT all hostels calling themselves “boutique” are actually boutique-style. Some hostels now refer to this term as a marketing-opportunity.

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

The Best Design and Boutique Hostel-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Festival Essentials 2017

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

The festival season is coming soon, many music lovers and all round party people alike will be descending upon any one (or more) of the best events the music business has to offer this summer. With your tickets purchased, camping gear and ear plugs at the ready, the only thing left is what to wear. So seeing as we will flocking there anyway, might as well flock in style, right?

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

  1. Incorporate trend-tickers with comfortable garb. Biker boots teamed with pretty are always a surefire winner. Glam and grunge make for an easy festival look. Other looks that lends themselves particularly well to the muddy (or sun drenched) fields include boho, vintage and military chic.
  2. Don’t wear sandals. Ever. Speaking from experience, if you don’t mind the dirt. I ‘m pretty sure you would mind the missing (or at the very least, badly bruised) appendages. Flip flops are the worst; keep them for the beach.
  3. Be bag smart. Whereas a fanny pack may not ever be in the running for any type of fashion awards, keeping your essentials safe at all times is a must. Invest in a bag that can keep close to the body and it doesn’t open easily for your money, phone and all important wet wipes.
  4. Don’t take anything valuable. A festival is not a place for your designer shades, one of a kind dresses and heirloom bracelets. When packing an item consider how you would feel if you lost it-if it involves tears, it’s the best leave it home.
  5. Consider the climate. If you festival is in a place where are chances of wet weather are high so team your wellies with faded denim (shirt and shorts-take your pick) and parka for rain-proof chic. If you are heading to a warmer country, make sure you incorporate a hat and a sunnies into your festival wardrobe. Do keep in mind (particularly if you are sleeping in a tent) that temperatures may drop at night, so pack accordingly.
  6. Don’t opt for a high maintenance hairstyle. No matter how careful you promise yourself you are going to be, chances are by the end of the first day you are going to come out looking as if you were dragged through a hedge backwards. Go for easily ,no fuss hair- festivals favourites are messy plaits, shaggy waves and casual updos. If you do fall prey to a frizzy hair disaster, no worry that’s what hats are for.Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

7.Do wear makeup. No one wants to look like the exhausted, unwashed mess they doubtlessly are by the end of the weekend, do they? Having said this, keep the makeup simple: Concealer for dark circles, a touch of blusher for a healthy flush, some good waterproof mascara and a dash of colour on the lips. Intelligently  applied makeup will have you looking almost as if you have had a great night’s sleep in no time.

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

15 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer


15 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

We hope you are enjoying your summer. The sun is shining bright all over the world and raising the temperatures ever higher. The lakes, rivers and ocean beaches are full of swimmers and sunbathers trying to keep cool. But it is important not to overdo it as too much sun and too much heat can be dangerous for a person’s health. Here are 15 tips to help people stay cool in the summer:

15 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

  1. Alter your pattern of outdoor exercise to take advantage of cooler times (early morning or late evening). If you can’t change the time of your workout, scale it down by doing fewer minutes, walking instead or running, or decreasing your level of exertion.

15 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

  1. Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color.


  1. Cotton clothing will keep you cooler than many synthetics.

15 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

  1. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a quick refreshing spray to your face after being outdoors.


  1. Fans can help circulate air and make you feel cooler even in an air-conditioned house.

15 Ways to stay cool in the Summer-vitalmag

  1. Try storing lotions or cosmetic toners in the refrigerator to use on hot, overtired feet.


  1. Keep plastic bottles of water in the freezer; grab one when you’re ready to go outside. As the ice melts, you’ll have a supply of cold water with you.


  1. Take frequent baths or showers with cool or tepid water.

15 Ways to stay cool in the Summer-vitalmag4

  1. Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water along with sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes.


  1. Some people swear by small, portable, battery-powered fans. At an outdoor event I even saw a version that attaches to a water bottle that sprays a cooling mist.


  1. I learned this trick from a tennis pro: if you’re wearing a cap or hat, remove it and pour a bit of ice cold water into the hat, then quickly invert it and place on your head.


  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will promote dehydration.


  1. Instead of hot foods, try lighter summer fare including frequent small meals or snacks containing cold fruit or low fat dairy products. As an added benefit, you won’t have to cook next to a hot stove.

15 Ways to stay cool in the Summer-vitalmag7

  1. If you don’t have air-conditioning, arrange to spend at least parts of the day in a shopping mall, public library, movie theater, or other public space that is cool. Many cities have cooling centers that are open to the public on sweltering days.

15 Ways to stay cool in the Summer-vitalmag2

  1. Finally, use common sense. If the heat is intolerable, stay indoors when you can and avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces. Pay special attention to the elderly, infants, and anyone with a chronic illness, as they may dehydrate easily and be more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Don’t forget that pets also need protection from dehydration and heat-related illnesses too.”

15 Ways to stay cool in the Summer-vitalmag9

15 Ways to stay cool in the Summer-vitalmag10

London Eye Capsule in the Sky

London Eye Capsule in The Sky–vitalmag trend magazine

London is full of unusual accommodation and interesting places to stay. The London Eye offered a special attraction to its visitors. The Eye capsule was turned into a tropical bedroom for 2 overnight guests, which was held as a competition.  The capsule stopped at the top at a height of 443ft (135m), so guests were able to join the best view over London.  The decoration had included luxury furnishings, a bed and a dresser, live plants, a tropical green printed ceiling, and a hanging birdcage.

London Eye Capsule in The Sky–vitalmag trend magazine5

However, there was no toilet in the capsule. If the people needed to use the facilities they had to radio to the ground to be brought down.

London Eye Capsule in The Sky–vitalmag trend magazine1

London Eye Capsule in The Sky–vitalmag trend magazine2

London Eye Capsule in The Sky–vitalmag trend magazine3

London Eye Capsule in The Sky–vitalmag trend magazine4

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

If you are trying to find a way to spend your holiday camping in the great outdoors, you will want to use a camping car to help.

There will be a combination of vehicles and a temporary home to live in. Camping cars are going to be a type of transportation and home at the same time. People will choose to live in these homes permanently.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

If this happens, they can park the vehicle in the special parking lot and enjoy time with their family and friends.

Car camping is something that many people love to do in this day and age. They will pack their things and everything that they will need to head on out.

They will have to make all the necessary arrangements for their camping cars. It is possible to cook if they want to with the great mini type kitchen inside.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Sleeping is not a problem when in the camping car. There is usually normal sized bed and you can put on the AC I you are in a hot area.

A washroom with a shower can be a great feature to make the travel even better. There can be a refrigerator too. Having all this and so much space is a great benefit to many travelers.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

You can store equipment like tents, sleeping bags, ropes and anything else that you may need inside the camping car. All of the things can be placed in the camping cars too.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Camping cars are going to be great and very useful in any type of weather conditions. If you are hot you can site inside the camping car and turn on the air conditioning.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

If it is cold and rainy you can run inside and get comfortable. There are so many different styles of camping cars and recreational vehicles. The caravans are going to be more comfortable and enjoyable for anyone looking for wonderful camping style.

You should get ready and think about taking a super great camping trip with the camping car that is perfect for your needs.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Hammock- Summer Camping Trends

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

Hammock are very versatile when it comes to decorate your backyard or home. They are efficient and a comfortable alternative to traditional furniture’s. The Hammock is also a multi-purpose element for campers and backpackers. Their lightweight and resistant properties fit in any luggage and are easy to carry around.  They are super convenient especially while you are traveling around. The only thing you have to consider, hammocks require perfectly positioned trees, which can be difficult to come across. On top of this, hammocks don’t provide protection from weather-related occurrences, and can only fit a maximum of two people.

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine8

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Luxury Train in Japan

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag

The East Japan Railway Co. has launched a luxurious sleeper train that runs across northern Japan from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag9

 The champagne gold exterior of the train features a luxurious gold finish and cut-out details, which matches the opulent interior spaces of the train. The interior carriages include tatami mats, bathtubs, steam-bent wood sofas and an immersive viewing car specifically for taking in the stunning scenery.  There is also a spectacularly futuristic observation car that immerses passengers in the passing scenery.

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag2

The train takes 33 passengers on board, and the fees for the trip range from ¥740,000 to ¥950,000 yen per person.

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag7

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag8

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag6

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag5

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag4

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag3

Luxury Train in Japan-Trend Magazine-Vitalmag1

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