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Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-

Pets and food seems to be the two of the most popular subjects on the web. Many people are delighted by the adorable dog who is dining in the fast food restaurant. The owner of ‘Popeye the Fast Food Dog‘ showcases a whole series of photographs, wearing different outfits, and sniffing on chicken, waffles, or Burgers or sitting behind delicious desserts. All those delicatessen are hard to resist, even for a little dog.

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-6

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-5

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-8

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-4

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-7

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-3

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-2

Popeye The Adorable Fast Food Dog-1


Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-2

This fantasy suit Hotel is offering a romantic experience for lovers. For travelers –that are looking for a luxurious hotel experience, perhaps find some inspiration here. Combining the comforts of a boutique hotel and fantasy, Black Swan will not disappoint you. Black Swan Inn is a themed suite lodging facility catering to couples, tourists, and business travelers who are looking for a unique and relaxing lodging experience.

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-6

If you book the Romeo & Juliet Suit, you can bathe in an oversized heart-shaped jetted tub or use the circular two-headed shower located in the right castle turret. Inside the other turret you’ll find the circular staircase that takes you to the luxurious bedroom balcony overlooking the castle.

 Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-0

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-10

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-9

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-8

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-6

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-7

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-4

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Hotel-3

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog

Aspen the golden Retriever loves modeling in front of the camera, and the outdoor adventure. Aspen lives with his owners Hunter Lawrence, in Colorado, and they visit together the most pictures places. Hunter Lawrence who is a professional photographer, captures his four legged friend in all sort of situations. He doesn’t mind to wear outdoor gear like plaid shirts, fur-trimmed hats and sunglasses. It seems like he is enjoying his surroundings almost as much as his owner. Together, they’ve traveled to 10 states and two countries, including Canada, where Aspen was, shall we say, discovered.

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog-3

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog-5

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog-2

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog-6

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog-4

Meet Aspen The Outdoor Dog-1

Beauty Trends in 2017

Beauty Trends in 2017

These makeup trends are presenting a new glamorous beauty evolution for 2017. The New Year just has started, and already New Trends popping up. Makeup artists are passing their boundaries of imagination.  This conceptual beauty story created by Kiss & Make Up, is definitely very impressive.  The series highlights a range of expressive makeup looks that include logo-inspired applications along with hairstyles that are sculptural in their overall look and feel. The styling was done by of Helena Tejedor and hairstylist Alex Brownsell.

Beauty Trends in 2017-3

Beauty Trends in 2017-2

Beauty Trends in 2017-4

Beauty Trends in 2017-5

Beauty Trends in 2017-6

Beauty Trends in 2017-7

Beauty Trends in 2017-1

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Boozy Hot Chocolate0

These boozy deliciousness, are spiked hot chocolate with a bit of alcohol to warm your spirit up. The boozy hot chocolates are only mouth-watering beverage; they are a need for this cold winter weather. All Recipes are easy to prepare and the main ingredients are; sugar, milk or cream, dark chocolate, cinnamon, spices or vanilla, espresso and among other ingredients. The only thing you have to do; add a few spoons of rum, baileys, whiskey, or vodka before you serve it.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Boozy Hot Chocolate1

Boozy Hot Chocolate9

Boozy Hot Chocolate6

Boozy Hot Chocolate7

Boozy Hot Chocolate8

Boozy Hot Chocolate5

Boozy Hot Chocolate4

Boozy Hot Chocolate3

Boozy Hot Chocolate2

Winter Camping and Glamping

Winter Camping and GlampingIn many parts in Europes has snowed over the weekend. Blizzard conditions are coming for the UK on Friday with temperatures dropping to double minus digits. Therefore if you still have planned go camping, here are a few techniques to stay warm when camping when it’s absolutely bloody freezing.

Winter Camping and Glamping1

Get The Right Gear
Your gear is essential to surviving very low night-time temperatures for minimal equipment. But if you don’t have, simply add more of it. Double up your sleeping bag, putting one inside the other, or start out with a warmer one in the first place. Stick a foam roll-mat or two underneath your inflatable mattress.

Winter Camping and Glamping2

Stay Fit
Fitness, experience, age, gender, amount of body fat and other factors all contribute to the range of comfort levels experienced by different people using exactly the same gear. If you aren’t used to winter camping and don’t yet know where you fit into this, better to have brought along too many layers than not enough.

Winter Camping and Glamping3

Wear The Right Clothes
Wear an few layers, such as merino wool or insulating synthetics, with an insulating layer on top. Add a woollen or fleece hat and neck warmer. Pack a pair of thick woollen socks specifically for sleeping in and make sure you keep them dry.

Winter Camping and Glamping4

Stay Warm
Warmth originates from within, and any insulation from a sleeping bag or clothing is merely concerned with keeping it there. Its pointless bedding down if you’re already freezing, so get warm by doing star-jumps before going to bed or performing sit-ups or press-ups in your sleeping bag.

Winter Camping and Glamping5
Eat Faltty Food
The body needs fuel to generate heat, so eat a hot meal immediately before sleeping, and make the meal a fatty one, as fat is metabolised more slowly than carbohydrate and will last for longer as you sleep. Take extra rations of cheese or olive oil. (Cheese has the added bonus of giving you really vivid dreams.)

Winter Camping and Glamping6

Get Survival Blankets
Get one of those thin metallic survival blankets and drape it over the torso area of your sleeping bag. If you don’t have one, do the same with your waterproof jacket or anything else that would add another layer on top of you without squashing the air out of your sleeping bag.

Winter Camping and Glamping7

Keep Your Sleeping Gear Dry
Protect down sleeping bags in particular from getting wet at all costs. Avoid breathing into the sleeping bag while sleeping, no matter how tempting, as it introduces moisture and down doesn’t work when it’s damp. For the same reason, squash all the air out of your bag as soon as you get up in order to expel body moisture, and dry out your bag fastidiously on a daily basis whenever you get the chance.

Winter Camping and Glamping8

Winter Camping and Glamping9

Winter Camping and Glamping10

Camper Footwear With a Twist

Camper Footwear With a Twist

The latest Footwear campaign of the shoe design camper sets a new Trend in shoe fashion. Campers campaigns are coming from another planet.  Since the designer was looking future, the footwear pieces such as the vibrant campaigns, they always match with the whole style. Camper with the home base in Majorca, Spain, is known for its colorful Marketing campaigns. Moreover, Camper isn’t afraid to take liberties with marketing and does captures the attention of the audience.

Camper Footwear With a Twist2

Camper Footwear With a Twist7

Camper Footwear With a Twist5

Camper Footwear With a Twist6

Camper Footwear With a Twist4

Camper Footwear With a Twist1Camper Footwear With a Twist3

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges

Say what you want about summer vacation, but for me winter holidays are the most exciting part of the whole entire year. After all, in the summer I am usually already pretty relaxed. Even if I have to work, there is plenty to do in my off time. I can go swimming, hiking, camping, and even play sports. In the winter, however, the weather is awful all the time. It is cold, dark, wet, and miserable. A winter holiday is the best way to unwind from all of this. It is the best way to make the winter bearable.

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges2

Most people have a type of winter vacation that they prefer. Nowadays, the most popular winter holidays seem to involve traveling to a warm destination. Going to Hawaii, Maui, or some other tropical paradise is a great way to let go of those winter blues. On the other hand, a lot of people would rather take a ski trip. Rather than looking at the winter holidays as a time to escape the cold, dark weather, they find ways to enjoy it. Going to a ski lodge can be great recreation, and everyone enjoys relaxing by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa in the evening. After all, skiing is quite a thrill!

JCosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges1

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges8

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges7

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges6

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges5

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges5

Cosy Winter Getaways Cottages and Lodges4

NY: Adirondack Mountains,Lake Placid,Lake Placid Lodge

White Fairytale Furnishings

White Fairytale Furnishings

Showcased at Baxter in Paris, this  wintery setting fits for an ice princess. The  series called “Scenes d’Interieur”. Designed by Paola Navone, the rooms overall imagery is one of a cold winter’s days, with the furnishings oh so inviting and looking incredibly warm and cozy.

White Fairytale Furnishings2

Each piece features a different profile and detailing while all leathers and all are either natural white, sleek white or matte white. The chair on the end even has a leather slipcover for the backrest. This  is a very adorable style.

White Fairytale Furnishings3

White Fairytale Furnishings6

White Fairytale Furnishings4

White Fairytale Furnishings1

Happy New Year 2017!


As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart forever! Happy New Year!

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