Smirnoff Cool Packaging Design

Smirnoff Cool Packaging Design-vitalmag trend magazine

HP Partners With Yarza Twins And Smirnoff To Showcase The Future Of Packaging Design…

HP the printing company has collaborated with Smirnoff and the award-winning the Yarza Twins designer group. The result is a randomised Smirnoff bottle collection and personalised packaging. Yarza Twins used a software to create these stunning individualised packaging for Smirnoff, based on the concept of “Every one the same. Every one different.” HP also played an integral part in the creation of the one-of-a-kind designs in the Extraordinary campaign from Diet Coke, as well as the packaging used in the Nutella Unica collection.

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Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher

Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher-vitalmag4

How you can make Food in a Dishwasher? The idea of cooking in your dishwasher is a pretty well known kitchen parlor trick that, by itself, ends up wasting a lot of power and water. However cooking in the dishwasher is a trendy new way of using heat sealed containers—such as canning jars and food vacuum bags—to cook food while cleaning a full rack of dirty dishes. Talk about multitasking…Suddenly cooking with your dishwasher doesn’t sound so crazy. Instead, it’s actually an economical, and not to mention, environmentally friendly way to cook. It will also keep your house cooler (no running oven) and you won’t have to watch over it or worry about burning your meal. We’ve rounded up a small sample of six meals that you could be throwing into your dishwasher right now!

Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher-vitalmag2

Dill Lemon Cream Salmon

Before putting your fish packet onto the dishwasher rack though, you’ll want to fill the pouch full of aromatics like lemon, dill, peppercorns, and a sprig of parsley.

Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher-vitalmag3

Cous Cous with Green Beans, Zucchini and Mint

If you want something with a little more bite, as well as fragrant flavors, you should try this pan-fried green beans, zucchini, and mint.

Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher-vitalmag

Dishwasher Lasagna Florentine

You can easily a pasta dish (preferably oven-ready lasagna noodles), ricotta cheese, mushrooms, and pre-sauteed meats into an aluminum pouch ready for a spin in your dishwasher. Set your machine on a two hour normal cycle and heated dry cycle for a deliciously fully cooked, albeit non-browned, lasagna.

Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher-vitalmag1

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season 2017

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season-Vitalmag Trend magazine3

With the start of the holiday season there are also new hair beauty and fashion trends coming up. To complement any new hair style, is also important, to match clothing, shoes, handbags, makeup, nails and accessories.

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season-Vitalmag Trend magazine2

Hair dressers are doing a beautiful job of mixing last year’s uber-popular trend and tie-dyed tresses. The end result is edgy and completely stylish at the same time. Tie-dyed hair obviously works best on blondes, but that’s nothing that a bit of bleach can’t fix fellows brunettes. When added, the miracle color transforms one’s look in only 15 minutes and works on bleached, dyed and highlighted blonde hair.

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season-Vitalmag Trend magazine7

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season-Vitalmag Trend magazine5

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season-Vitalmag Trend magazine6

Hot Beauty and Hair Trends for Holiday Season-Vitalmag Trend magazine8

Swimming With Whale Shark Adventure in Mexico

Swimming with whale shark tour -vitalmag trend magazine0

Have you already booked holiday for your Christmas break? If you are looking to spend your holiday with your family on the Mexican Riviera Maya, perhaps you will consider this Exciting Family Mexican Adventures Vacation.  You can pack up the whole family and share a special adventure with your loved once. The seven-day excursion includes visiting ancient ruins, zip-lining, swimming with whale sharks, and more, with just the right level of intensity to suit everyone in the family.

Swimming with whale shark tour -vitalmag trend magazine2

To join the swimming with whale shark tour you have go to Isla Holbox, Mexico. This is a 25-minute boat ride from the mainland, Quintana Roo’s sleepy northernmost island is the antithesis of crazy Cancun, just 150km to the south. When to go: tours depart daily from June to September, when the whale sharks arrive to feed and mate.Exciting Family Mexican Adventures Vacation-vitalmag trend magazine3

Swimming with whale shark tour -vitalmag trend magazine1

Swimming with whale shark tour -vitalmag trend magazine

Healthy Lunch in a Jar

Healthy Lunch in a Jar-Fastslim Diet4

Busy people sometimes have a hard time to put together a healthy meal.  It doesn’t mean you just can eat salad from a jar, there are plenty of other healthy recipes that you could be added in these jars. This includes many options of rice dishes, pasta meals, soups, sheperds pie, chili con carne, desserts, and instant oat jars.

Healthy Lunch in a Jar-Fastslim Diet

To eat fast food can be so fattening and not-to-mention expensive! Be creative and create your own meals at home and add all the ingredients you love.

Healthy Lunch in a Jar-Fastslim Diet3

Healthy Lunch in a Jar-Fastslim Diet5

Healthy Lunch in a Jar-Fastslim Diet6

The Ulimate Win the Lottery Secret

Win the lottery and start living a millionaire lifestyle with this revolutionary package!

Can you imagine how your life would change if all sudden you won the lottery? The life experiences and adventures you would have access to? That’s without mentioning being financially secure and free from any money problems. Imagine the relief you could have and how it would feel!

This doesn’t have to be only a dream. Our thoughts influence and reflect our reality, and if you can change the way you think you can attract anything into your life – even a lottery win! More Here!


What Does the package offers?

  • Powerful Win the Lottery Winning Affirmation Album
  • Become a Money Magnet E-Book
  • Personal Lucky Numbers for one year
  • 3 months ‘Lucky Lottery Days Forecast’

Things You Need To Agree On Before You Start

  • Do you believe in the law of attraction but find it hard to 100% believe that it can help you to win the lottery?
  • Are you serious about developing your mind power?
  • Are you 100% dedicated to changing your life?
  • Are you 100% focused and committed to attracting a lottery win for real?
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If you have this burning desire and you are serious about winning the lottery then our service could help you. This may sound unlikely, but our RESONANCE tunes work in a powerful way which will transform the way your subconscious mind works and the way you think:

  • You will fully believe in your power to attract a lottery win into your reality.
  • Your mind and subconscious mind will be 100% focused on winning the lottery. Through the principles of the law of attraction whatever you focus on will manifest in your life, so with greater focus on the lottery you will increase your chance of it happening.
  • You will believe 100% that you are capable of influencing an event such as the lottery.
  • Your mind will open up. You will become more intuitive and will find your mind naturally aligning with the universe to pick winning numbers.

When you first start using the album you should feel relaxed yet energized straight away. You may also find yourself vividly imagining and visualizing yourself winning the lottery (this is a good sign), and within a few weeks you should feel more intuitive and more open while picking your numbers.

How do the affirmations work?

Order now and you can be listening within just a few minutes and creating a powerful transformation within your mind – a transformation to make you more likely to win the lottery!

Lucky Numbers


The age-old science of numerology uses certain algorithms to calculate numbers that are favorable to the individual. These numbers are called “Lucky Numbers.” They are derived from your date of birth, and the letters in your name.

Does it increase your chances of winning?

Numerology-Lucky Lottery Days Forecast

Everybody has also lucky days when playing the lottery or gambling. With this report, you can also determine what days are luckiest for you to play in the lottery, so you can not bother playing on those days that are less lucky for you. With numerology you can discover which numbers and days are best suited to bring you luck. This means you can increase your chances of winning the lottery by targeting your lucky days and playing when your lucky streak is at an all-time high


2018 Forecast

What will 2018 hold in store for the year ahead? This 1-Year Reading helps you take advantage over the next 12 months. Numerology is truly one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available for obtaining a greater awareness of your personality and life’s journey. With your Personal Forecast, simply you can get prepared; what’s ahead.

See an example

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Healthy Mexican Breakfast Pizzas

Healthy Mexican Breakfast Pizzas-Fastslim Diet

This Yummy Avocado and Egg Pizza Makes an Energy-Boosting Breakfast. This avocado and egg pizza is incredibly easy to make. All you need is flatbread, eggs and a few spoons of guacamole topping. You also can add chopped cilantro and season it with black pepper and sea salt. Sure you can be creative and add sliced tomatoes, sweet corn, cubed cheese, peppers and a few salad leaves.  You are also squeezing some lime juice on it before adding the egg. Serving with hot sauce is also optional. On weekends, the avocado and egg pizza also matches with a boozy margarita.

Healthy Mexican Breakfast Pizzas-Fastslim Diet1

Healthy Mexican Breakfast Pizzas-Fastslim Diet2

The Coolest Halloween Nails

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag0

Halloween is here, there’s no better time than now to get creative with your makeup and nail designs. Embrace your inner artist… Painting your nails is a great way to personalize your Halloween look.. It may take a couple of time to perfect the art, at-home manicures are a lot of fun, especially with friends. Don’t be afraid to try your own designs, and get inspired here.

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag7

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag3

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag4

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag5

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag2

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag1

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag6

The 10 Best Halloween Manicures-vitalmag8

Haunted Clothing Shop in London

Haunted Clothing Shop in London-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

If you are looking for a special trill for this Halloween perhaps you want visit a haunted popup store in London. The unusual shopping experience is located in the Old Street and offers the shoppers a Free a tin of Budweiser beer and features a series of Halloween surprises. The King of Fears store also is including fancy dresses, haunted clothing rails and some  trick mirrors. Additionally, there’s also a DJ on-site to promote a night that will culminate in the brand’s Nightmare Circus Halloween Party.

Haunted Clothing Shop in London-vitalmag trend magazine1

Haunted Clothing Shop in London-vitalmag trend magazine2

Haunted Clothing Shop in London-vitalmag trend magazine3

Real Witch Spirits Gin Bottle For Sale

Real Witch Spirits Gin Bottle For Sale-Vitalmag Trend magazine

This gin bottle contain has been cursed by a real witch from a small village in England.  The bottle has been sold as a limited Edition on the website Moonpig. Unfortunately you are too late for this Halloween, the exclusive drink is already sold out! This wickedly delicious gin is made with an infusion of mint, apples, and a dash of Devil’s Claw. But, these aren’t just any ingredients..The apples and mint are plucked from Pluckley, which is England’s most haunted village according to Guinness World Records. From the Watercress Woman to the farmer Edward Brett, it’s rumoured that there are at least 12 haunted spirits in this quintessentially English village.

Real Witch Spirits Gin Bottle For Sale-Vitalmag Trend magazine2

Real Witch Spirits Gin Bottle For Sale-Vitalmag Trend magazine3

Real Witch Spirits Gin Bottle For Sale-Vitalmag Trend magazine1

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