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Hammock- Summer Camping Trends

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

Hammock are very versatile when it comes to decorate your backyard or home. They are efficient and a comfortable alternative to traditional furniture’s. The Hammock is also a multi-purpose element for campers and backpackers. Their lightweight and resistant properties fit in any luggage and are easy to carry around.  They are super convenient especially while you are traveling around. The only thing you have to consider, hammocks require perfectly positioned trees, which can be difficult to come across. On top of this, hammocks don’t provide protection from weather-related occurrences, and can only fit a maximum of two people.

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine8

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Hammock-Summer Camping Trends-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

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Winter Camping and Glamping

Winter Camping and GlampingIn many parts in Europes has snowed over the weekend. Blizzard conditions are coming for the UK on Friday with temperatures dropping to double minus digits. Therefore if you still have planned go camping, here are a few techniques to stay warm when camping when it’s absolutely bloody freezing.

Winter Camping and Glamping1

Get The Right Gear
Your gear is essential to surviving very low night-time temperatures for minimal equipment. But if you don’t have, simply add more of it. Double up your sleeping bag, putting one inside the other, or start out with a warmer one in the first place. Stick a foam roll-mat or two underneath your inflatable mattress.

Winter Camping and Glamping2

Stay Fit
Fitness, experience, age, gender, amount of body fat and other factors all contribute to the range of comfort levels experienced by different people using exactly the same gear. If you aren’t used to winter camping and don’t yet know where you fit into this, better to have brought along too many layers than not enough.

Winter Camping and Glamping3

Wear The Right Clothes
Wear an few layers, such as merino wool or insulating synthetics, with an insulating layer on top. Add a woollen or fleece hat and neck warmer. Pack a pair of thick woollen socks specifically for sleeping in and make sure you keep them dry.

Winter Camping and Glamping4

Stay Warm
Warmth originates from within, and any insulation from a sleeping bag or clothing is merely concerned with keeping it there. Its pointless bedding down if you’re already freezing, so get warm by doing star-jumps before going to bed or performing sit-ups or press-ups in your sleeping bag.

Winter Camping and Glamping5
Eat Faltty Food
The body needs fuel to generate heat, so eat a hot meal immediately before sleeping, and make the meal a fatty one, as fat is metabolised more slowly than carbohydrate and will last for longer as you sleep. Take extra rations of cheese or olive oil. (Cheese has the added bonus of giving you really vivid dreams.)

Winter Camping and Glamping6

Get Survival Blankets
Get one of those thin metallic survival blankets and drape it over the torso area of your sleeping bag. If you don’t have one, do the same with your waterproof jacket or anything else that would add another layer on top of you without squashing the air out of your sleeping bag.

Winter Camping and Glamping7

Keep Your Sleeping Gear Dry
Protect down sleeping bags in particular from getting wet at all costs. Avoid breathing into the sleeping bag while sleeping, no matter how tempting, as it introduces moisture and down doesn’t work when it’s damp. For the same reason, squash all the air out of your bag as soon as you get up in order to expel body moisture, and dry out your bag fastidiously on a daily basis whenever you get the chance.

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Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag6

Many people like to spend their vacation in the wilderness, which gives them a break from the regular city life. Camping or also known as glamping, glam camping, luxurious or posh camping seems to be the ultimate travel experience. Whether it’s the hills or the seas, or even lifestyle, there is a huge offer on glamping accommodations across the world.

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag8

Imagine visiting a remote island overlooking a tropical jungle in your 4-star treehouse appointed with the luxuries you would find at any high-end resort.  Some of the best examples are converted buses and boats which you can find in many parts of the world now. These make for unforgettable places are packed with comfort and luxury which its all about.

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag7

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag5

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag4

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag3

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag1

Glamping- The Most Luxurious Camping-vitalmag

Flowerpower Camping

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag0

Erleben sie Flower Power pur, die berühmten Sechzigerjahre von der Hippie-Generation.

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag1

 Flower Power war die bekannte Kultbewegung der späten 1960er und frühen 1970er Jahre,wurde als Symbol des passiven Widerstandes und der Gewaltlosigkeit eingesetzt. Die Ideologie wurde 1965 vom amerikanischen Dichter Allen Ginsberg geprägt und dienten als Mittel zu friedlichen Protesten gegen den Vietnamkrieg.

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag (2)

 Hippies prägten die Symbolik von Kleidung mit gesticktem Blumen und lebendige Farben, mit Blumen im Haar, auch als Blumenkinder bekannt.

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag2

Daher kommt auch Wohnmobiltrend. Einige dieser Wohnmobil kann man mieten. Sie sind voll ausgestatten mit allem was man zum campieren braucht. Hippie Camping ist garantiert ein einmaliges Erlebnis….

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag9

 Swisshunter-Das Empfehlungsportal für Geschäfte

Starten Sie heute und melden Sie Ihre Firma an

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Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag5

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag6

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag8

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag7

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Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag10

Flowerpower Camping-vitalmag10

Coole Camping Zelt Designs

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag

Schon bald geht die Campingsaison wieder los. Erfahrene Camper, wissen leicht und schnell aufstellbare Zelte zu schätzen. Ein herkömmliches Zelt aufzubauen kann eine nervige Sache sein, weil viele Teile in einer bestimmten Reihenfolge genau richtig zusammengesetzt werden müssen.

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag1

Pop Up Zelte dagegen kann man superschnell und sehr einfach aufbauen. Auch ahnungslose Nichtcamper sind in der Lage, dieses Zelt aufzubauen. Einige dieser Zelte sind sehr stylisch und sind auch hochwertiger Baumwolle hergestellt.

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag2

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag5

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag4

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag3

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag7

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag8

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag9

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag19

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag12

Camping Zelt Designs-vitalmag11

Festival Essentials 2017

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

The festival season is coming soon, many music lovers and all round party people alike will be descending upon any one (or more) of the best events the music business has to offer this summer. With your tickets purchased, camping gear and ear plugs at the ready, the only thing left is what to wear. So seeing as we will flocking there anyway, might as well flock in style, right?

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

  1. Incorporate trend-tickers with comfortable garb. Biker boots teamed with pretty are always a surefire winner. Glam and grunge make for an easy festival look. Other looks that lends themselves particularly well to the muddy (or sun drenched) fields include boho, vintage and military chic.
  2. Don’t wear sandals. Ever. Speaking from experience, if you don’t mind the dirt. I ‘m pretty sure you would mind the missing (or at the very least, badly bruised) appendages. Flip flops are the worst; keep them for the beach.
  3. Be bag smart. Whereas a fanny pack may not ever be in the running for any type of fashion awards, keeping your essentials safe at all times is a must. Invest in a bag that can keep close to the body and it doesn’t open easily for your money, phone and all important wet wipes.
  4. Don’t take anything valuable. A festival is not a place for your designer shades, one of a kind dresses and heirloom bracelets. When packing an item consider how you would feel if you lost it-if it involves tears, it’s the best leave it home.
  5. Consider the climate. If you festival is in a place where are chances of wet weather are high so team your wellies with faded denim (shirt and shorts-take your pick) and parka for rain-proof chic. If you are heading to a warmer country, make sure you incorporate a hat and a sunnies into your festival wardrobe. Do keep in mind (particularly if you are sleeping in a tent) that temperatures may drop at night, so pack accordingly.
  6. Don’t opt for a high maintenance hairstyle. No matter how careful you promise yourself you are going to be, chances are by the end of the first day you are going to come out looking as if you were dragged through a hedge backwards. Go for easily ,no fuss hair- festivals favourites are messy plaits, shaggy waves and casual updos. If you do fall prey to a frizzy hair disaster, no worry that’s what hats are for.Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

7.Do wear makeup. No one wants to look like the exhausted, unwashed mess they doubtlessly are by the end of the weekend, do they? Having said this, keep the makeup simple: Concealer for dark circles, a touch of blusher for a healthy flush, some good waterproof mascara and a dash of colour on the lips. Intelligently  applied makeup will have you looking almost as if you have had a great night’s sleep in no time.

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Festival Essentials 2017-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

Are you interested in having a picnic adventure? If you are, you are definitely not alone. In the United States and all around the world for that matter, a large number of individuals, families, and couples love hosting or attending picnics. One of the many reasons for that is because picnics don’t just involve eating, they also involve socializing with friends or family, as well as playing outdoor games and sports.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

If you are in interesting in hosting a picnic, you may be wondering what your options are, in terms of location. If you are, you will want to continue reading on. Below, a few of the many places that are great for picnics are outlined below.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

Perhaps, the best place for a picnic is at a park. When it comes to parks, you will find that you have a number of different options. No matter where you live, you should have access to a number of nearby parks, parks that many include public parks, campground parks, or state parks. Most parks have areas that are ideal for picnics. These areas often include shade from trees, picnic tables, and nearby fun activities, like a pool or body of water for swimming or fishing.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine8

Speaking of a body of water, you may also want to think about having your next picnic, should you choose to have one, near a body of water, such as a lake. As previously stated, it is possible to find public parks that are located near lakes; however, you may also be able to find public land that is ideal for picnicking. These areas may not necessarily have playgrounds for children or public restrooms, but they may provide you with a little bit seclusion, as well as an absolutely beautiful view.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Speaking of seclusion, if you are looking to have your picnic double as a romantic date, you may be looking for privacy. One of the many ways that you can find privacy is in a wooded area. This is best if you are already visiting a state park, public park, or campground park. You can also use wooden areas around your home, namely ones that you may be familiar with. As nice as having a picnic on a blanket in the forest may sound, it is important that you use your best judgment when taking this approach.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

As great as it is to go camping in a beautiful location, a secluded location, or one that gives you access to a number of other fun outdoor activities, like swimming or boating, you may be looking to stay at little bit closer to home. If that is the case, you can have your picnic right in your own backyard! This is ideal if you are looking to have a picnic with your family, namely small children. Doing a few “practice,” picnics at home may help to prepare your young children for the real thing later on.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Although not as glamorous as the above mentioned picnic locations, you can also have a picnic right inside your home. This is best if you had a small picnic planned, but the weather took a turn for the worse and you are unable to have your outdoor picnic. Laying a blanket down in a family room may provide you with enough space to have the picnic of your dreams, just indoors. This is particularly ideal if your picnic was intended to be a romantic date for you and your partner.

The above mentioned locations are just a few of the many places that you may be able to hold a picnic. When deciding where you would like your next picnic to occur, it is important that you place a focus on the size of your picnic, like how many people you plan on inviting. Doing so will enable you to choose a location that will allow you and all of your guests to have a great time.

The Most Romantic Picnic Locations-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine

If you are trying to find a way to spend your holiday camping in the great outdoors, you will want to use a camping car to help.

There will be a combination of vehicles and a temporary home to live in. Camping cars are going to be a type of transportation and home at the same time. People will choose to live in these homes permanently.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine1

If this happens, they can park the vehicle in the special parking lot and enjoy time with their family and friends.

Car camping is something that many people love to do in this day and age. They will pack their things and everything that they will need to head on out.

They will have to make all the necessary arrangements for their camping cars. It is possible to cook if they want to with the great mini type kitchen inside.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine2

Sleeping is not a problem when in the camping car. There is usually normal sized bed and you can put on the AC I you are in a hot area.

A washroom with a shower can be a great feature to make the travel even better. There can be a refrigerator too. Having all this and so much space is a great benefit to many travelers.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine4

You can store equipment like tents, sleeping bags, ropes and anything else that you may need inside the camping car. All of the things can be placed in the camping cars too.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine3

Camping cars are going to be great and very useful in any type of weather conditions. If you are hot you can site inside the camping car and turn on the air conditioning.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine7

If it is cold and rainy you can run inside and get comfortable. There are so many different styles of camping cars and recreational vehicles. The caravans are going to be more comfortable and enjoyable for anyone looking for wonderful camping style.

You should get ready and think about taking a super great camping trip with the camping car that is perfect for your needs.

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine6

Luxury Campervans & Motor Homes-Vitalmag Trend Magazine5

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine

Many local music festival events organizers are offering glamping accommodations to their guests. Glamping is a romantice and luxury way of camping and gains every year more popularity. It’s not only about getting closer to nature and to sleep under the stars, it is also staying in the most spectacular venues, enjoy comfort and enjoy an extensive room service. These tents are very snug and fully equipped with everything you need to relax. Most are furnished, spacious and have curtains for room dividers and almost all of them have a terrace where you can rest after a long walk in the woods or on the beach. I do love the lavish versions of tents that have a bathtub or other luxury features.

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine7

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine6

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine5

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine4

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine3

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine2

Luxurious Glamping Music Festival Accommodations-vitalmag trendmagazine1






Innovative Pet Beds

Innovative Pet Beds

From cozy woolly bed to fishy elegant sanctuary, there is a clear demand for innovative pet beds that are both functional and cool. Pet owners are now looking for accessories that meet the needs of their furry friend, but do not clash with modern decor.

Innovative Pet Beds1

For those who are looking for something more unique, there are a number of innovative pet beds designed with a touch of humor in mind. Some examples of contemporary pet beds designed to complements home decor that includes furnishings, little cottages and camping-inspired tents. There are also cozy canine campers that pay tribute to the iconic trailers of the 1950s.

Innovative Pet Beds2

Innovative Pet Beds3

Innovative Pet Beds4

Innovative Pet Beds5

Innovative Pet Beds6

Innovative Pet Beds9

Innovative Pet Beds8

Innovative Pet Beds7

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